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Healthwise Infrastructure and BP Migration

Healthwise Medical Centre contacted Cursa for information on upgrading their current aging and failing network server and infrastructure to a new solution that would stabilise there network and allow for 3-5 years growth within the practice. Healthwise were also open for suggestion on moving to another line of business application for their medical practice.

Cursa designed, quoted and implemented a Dell T610 Server with enough capacity for 3-5 years with Healthwise Medical Practice projected growth. Cursa configured the server in a 3 virtual server configuration, a Small business server, Application server and a terminal server.

The Small business server (2008) was configured as the primary server on the network, handling all file server requests, DHCP & DNS and emails through exchange. Healthwise also implemented a basic SharePoint site for document management and record hosting.

Healthwise wanted to minimise costs while improving remote access and reliability of the network, this is why Cursa recommended implementing a Terminal Server. Implementing the Terminal server would eliminate the need of having workstations configured for each doctor and in case of failure, the doctor/user could go into another room and continue to use the network as they normally would, minimising downtime if a PC / Laptop Fails. Some of the Doctors visit their patients at nursing facilities or at their homes, meaning the Doctors would need access to the patient records and history on site, a great benefit of using the Terminal server, as using the Terminal server gives the doctors instant secure access to the patient details and history as if they were sitting at their desk.

Cursa configured the Application server separate to the terminal server to add redundancy to the network. In case of problems with the Terminal server, the userís desktops and laptops can be configured to be used in a Ďfatí client scenario, with minimal effort from the end user / Cursa. Having two different servers also separates the resources allocated to the server, enhancing performance for all users.

Cursa recommended migrating from Medical Director to Best Practice Clinical software due to performance, support and cost benefits over their old software. Healthwise Medical evaluated Best Practice and agreed that moving to Best Practice was in their best interests. Cursa provided a speedy migration to best practice as downtime was a concern for Healthwise Medical. Cursa liaised with Best Practice Software on the migration and organised training for the Doctors and staff so that once the migration was complete, there was no hiccups and uptime was guaranteed. Cursa run through multiple test migrations and tests with the Best Practice software support team, Which was all successful. Cursa then migrated the database out of hours and followed the conversion diligently. The next morning (Healthwise Medical is open 7 days a week) Cursa was onsite to support any problems and were available in case any issues or questions arose with users throughout the day and the following week. Cursa monitored the network and performance of the server after the migration and noticed a noticeable performance gain in moving to the Best Practice clinical software. Cursa Monitored user satisfaction after the migration to assure that the users were happy not only with the performance of the server but in the migration to Best Practice, there were little to no issues with the changeover to Best Practice and all users were impressed with the performance of the new server.