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POS Solution for Sushi Dílite

Sushi Dílite were a current Enhance IT customer when they asked Cursa to investigate the possibility of moving all of their Casio tills to a managed POS solution to improve reporting and reliability of their stores and staff.

Cursa designed and implemented a system using HP POS Systems using POSWise software to enable richer reports of products and sales figures as well as optimizing uptime and functionality of the devices. Cursa liaised with the Software provider to obtain the best configuration of the software and obtained training to better support the POS Devices after implementation.

Cursa designed and implemented a secure site to site VPN connection to each of the stores to securely send the figures to head office for processing each day. The devices are sent product changes / price changes via the VPN connection to ensure accuracy of the data sent with keeping the most secure connection to stop intruders from obtaining the data.

To date Cursa has rolled out over 10 stores with 13 devices as well as catering for redundancy, security and functionality and continues to add stores and devices as the customer requires. Cursa has monitored the devices and customer satisfaction since the day implemented and the customer has been impressed with the enhanced reporting functionality enabling the customer to better manage the stock and products, improving productivity and saving costs.