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Cursa is a managed service provider focusing on providing you with innovative 21st Century IT Solutions. We support small to medium businesses in the South East Queensland and Northern NSW areas.

We have invested in state of the art technology so you, the client can sleep easier at night knowing that your network is being taken care of. We manage desktops, servers, applications and network devices at your site(s) via the Internet in an secure encrypted connection without altering the configurations of your network firewalls or setting up VPN’s.

Cursa is forever looking at new solutions that will benefit its clients to give them the cutting edge over their competitors. We look to future proofing so that you can focus on the now. Cursa’s aim is to take you to a completely new level of uptime and productivity. With highly experienced IT staff at Cursa we provide sophisticated support solutions from consultant’s that work from the three P’s. Proficiency, Proactively and Professionalism.

Cursa has a vast range of suppliers, which allows us to provide you with sound solutions that will fit your business needs at cost effective prices.

We here at Cursa strive to go above and beyond the port of call when servicing our clients. Providing our clients with the latest technologies to streamline their businesses so that they can reduce operational expenses and risk while increasing efficiency, reliability and productivity.

Call or email today to find out how Cursa can provide stable and reliable 21st Century IT solutions without the costs and overheads of a full time IT staff!